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Focus on Georgetown Magazine, March 2013

Karim and Jeana Aliani, owners of Paisanos Trattoria and Pizzeria

Karim and Jeana Aliani, owners

For 17 years, Paisano’s Cucina Italiano has been serving authentic, classical Italian food to the people of Georgetown. Armed with recipes that have been handed down for generations and a passion for delicious food, Chef Karim Aliani and his wife Jeana provide one of the finest dining experiences in town.

Every meal is made to order

Karim always had a love for food long before he became passionate about making it. He learned how to cook and bake from his mother and grandmother in Morocco, and spent several years in Northern Italy learning about everything from grapes to butchering to sauces. Now, all his years of learning go into each meal he prepares at Paisano’s.

Every meal is made to order. Sauces, dressings, and bread are all prepared daily. Whenever possible, Karim uses local and organic products to bring the freshest flavors into his food. Karim and Jeana take great pride in the food they prepare for customers, because they know what a privilege it is to serve them. “We aren’t going to put anything out there that we aren’t in love with,” they promise.

Another thing that makes Paisano’s special is the hard work Karim and Jeana put into catering to people with restrictive diets. They understand the necessity for this effort, because Jeana herself has a diet restriction that typically makes Italian food hard to enjoy—a gluten intolerance. They have a separate gluten-free menu for those that the secret behind her gluten free pizza dough. “It is delicious and amazing and no one else in the Austin area has it,” she says with a laugh. “You have to come here for the best gluten free pizza you’ll ever eat.”

“You have to come here for the best gluten free pizza you’ll ever eat.”


Focus Magazine, Georgetown Texas—Biz Spotlight on Paisanos Trattoria and Pizzeria

“We have got to talk about our wine!” Jeana exclaims. “The food is outstanding and the wine is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.” Paisano’s Cucina Italiana offers an ever-growing collection of unique wines and varietals. The wine and beer menu has something that will please every palate. One of Jeana and Karim’s current favorites is a Chianti by Piccini. “It is so good that we have customers who will call ahead to make sure we have it in stock before coming for dinner,” Jeana says. She and Karim are excited about a new wine being introduced this month—a Moscato from the Batasiolo Vineyard in Northern Italy. It was recommended by a friend, and Jeana knew she had to have it at Paisano’s. “I can’t wait for our customers to enjoy our new find!” she says.

For Karim and Jeana, it’s not enough just to offer their customers amazing food and wine. They want each visit to be special. Jeana loves to hear from diners, to find out exactly what they want to experience while out for lunch or dinner. Customer feedback helped bring about Paisano’s new lunch special. For $5.99, Monday through Friday, customers can enjoy their choice of soup or salad and one of eight of Karim’s Italian specialties.

It is a wonderful way to spend a lunch break. A full menu and more information can be found at or call 512-863-6344


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